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roys 79 corvette

As you may have noticed, we like GM products in this yard. In fact, that is all that we own in this family. There are a couple that are not Chevy, but they are all still GM. Above is a picture of my 79 Corvette taken in October when I put it to rest for the winter in my garage.

Once again, this year saw very few miles being added to its odometer. I took it to a couple of car shows and a little cruising around the Drumheller Valley - less than 2 tanks of gas !! About the same as last year.

The car underwent a fairly major facelift about 12 years ago when it recieved a complete color change for the exterior color. This included redoing the seams and paint was applied to all areas that showed the original color. This meant removing all body panels, lights, doors, emblems, glass, etc. The original 350 engine was removed and is under a bench in my garage. It was replaced with a 350 4 bolt that was built by a high performance shop in Calgary. It puts out an estimated 350hp which, when coupled to the built THM350, makes this car an awesome ride.

corvette left front corvette lt rear corvette right side
corvette engine bay

June 2005 - update.

I sold the car to Dave, a good friend of mine in Castlegar BC. He is really enjoying it and getting a lot more miles on it than I was able to. Id only been putting 2-3 tanks of gas in it a year for the last 3 years - hardly enough to justify owning it !! But, I will miss it on those special occasions.

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