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93 silverado
93 silverado

These are pics of my ‘93 Silverado. It had 265,000 kms on it then and it still runs great today with over 350,000km. Oil usage is virtually non existent and it generally gets 18 - 21 mpg. It is a loaded truck including buckets and console. The only thing I will have to think about doing in the next couple of years will be to paint it. It has the common problem of the paint falling off of the horizontal surfaces. There is no sign of rust appearing anywhere, so I have not been in a real hurry to paint it. I’ll be giving it to Dan soon so he’ll have a truck that holds the family and can pull his tent trailer or boat.

Here are a couples pictures of my “weekend” truck. It’s a fully loaded 2001 HD2500 4x4 Silverado with the 8.1 liter engine, Allison tranny, 3.73 posi, leather, etc. It’s a real workhorse and pulls my 5th wheel trailer like it wasn’t there. I had a Westers tune upgrade and added a K&N FIPK intake system to it which I presume have bumped the horsepower to over 400. As of Nov.15, 2005, there is only 138,000km on the odometer.

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