Here, i will provide some links to interesting sites that i have found. For the most part, they will be to automotive or computer related sites, although, there will be some general interest and otherwise entertaining sites.


www.chevytalk.org for help with any Chevy car or truck.


VS Truck Works for good used Chevy truck parts.


Lemon Aide for car and truck buying guides.


Go here for General Motors RPO codes.


Looking for some Chevy identification numbers?


If you need help with wiring in a remote starter, alarm or stereo you will find most of what you need from these sites: 12Volt.com, Bulldog Security, or Design Tech. You may have to register to get full access but, itís free.


For automotive calculators and conversion information, try this one.


This site will lead you to help and information specifically for Corvettes.


pc guide for info and help with just about anything related to computers


Here is a good site for info and programs for keeping your computer as clean as possible from spyware and more.


If you are curious about how stuff works, youíll find it there.


The unleaded gas hoax???


How about getting some great gas mileage ??